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Georgia real estate disclosure laws in 2017

March 17 2017 , Written by Ruth Baker

Q: Can a property using a slender be transferred to surviving relative from descendent's estate?

My husband's dad dies. The "will" leaves everything to his stepmother. She has now said that he can have a secondary property that was his father's, but it has a slender of $50k. Does my husband must get a fresh loan with down payment and closing prices and all, or will there be a way for her to transfer the slender and everything into his name? We're getting conflicting responses, and having trouble finding this particular info online.
Attorney Reply Terrence H Thorgaard

A: If the probate court finds the will as well as the property is distributed to the stepmother, she can convey it to your husband subject to the lien. The owner of the lien could have the ability to foreclose the lien, where case he'd need to either loose the property or pay away it.

Q: In Georgia is a purchaser agreement automatic drawn-out 7 days of closure after the expiration date?

Attorney Solution Michael David Birchmore

A: You'd need certainly to look to the conditions of the contract to determine. In case the contract is a typical "GAR" form (GA Association of Realtors), the last time that I appeared the contract could automatically extend upon the request of either party. Days would require the agreement of all parties to expand.

Q: Hello, I hope you happen to be well. How can a buyer get from a contract that is signed? After Due Diligence and Home inspection.

Tomorrow, we are assumed to close and that I think the buyers are having buyers remorse. We passed home inspection, and have a signed contract. There are repairs that have to be completed (one left - adding a gutter) which will be don tomorrow. They are asking for 1500 dollars in closing costs at the very last minute, can they get out of the contract?
Lawyer Reply Robert Jason De Groot

A: Folks think that whatever question they might ask is enough facts to get a meaningful response, or a basic legal question, when, as here, they have not supplied a duplicate of the contract, plus they frequently ask the wrong questions. Get an attorney.

Q: My father in law passed away without a will. My mother in the name of law and his name are both still on the deed.

Who legally has my husband and his sibs, my mother in law or ownership/ rights to your house? Or both?
Lawyer Reply Dr Kenneth V Zichi J.D.

A: This depends upon HOW both their names were about the deed. It truly is impossible to understand what type of shared ownership who might have a fascination with the property now, and it was without seeing the records. Also, it depends on if the children were the children of both spouses, and a number of other questions you do not reply in your post. The VERY BEST guidance would be to speak with a nearby probate lawyer to learn how the facts of your situation fit into the law in GA. Don't ASSUME anything, seek a legal opinion that is actual. -- This response is offered for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney/client relationship. I'm licensed to practice in Michigan just. Please should you're feeling you desire legal advice seek competent local legal assistance

Q: can I sue my neighbor for throwing junk in my own garbage can multiple times and also for lying down in middle of road?

Lawyer Response Adam Studnicki

A: Throwing rubbish in your garbage can might be a crime and there could be civil remedies also. I do not practice in Georgia, so please check with a local attorney. Please Take Notice: Unless we enter into an engagement agreement in writing, I'm not your attorney. This can be general information that is certainly given for legal education just. It is not legal counsel, and it might not work for your own unique situation. It's impossible to assess a legal problem without an all-inclusive consultation and review of documents and each of the important facts. I firmly encourage you to talk to an area lawyer to get legal services and help along with your particular scenario at your earliest convenience. I'm licensed to practice law.

Commercial real estate lawyer

Q: How do I get my company (S Corp) to buy my dwelling, in Macon, GA, or is an easy transfer potential?

Lawyer Reply Robert Jason De Groot

A: It is my estimation that you need a lawyer for each real estate transaction.

Q: Our landlord WOn't return our complete security deposit due to "damages."

Damages were there prior to go-in. We were not provided a move-in a move or statement -out statement. We were faced with a great many other problems in the house (which for a month might be deemed uninhabitable). How can we go about regaining the deposit?
Attorney Solution Paula J. Mcgill

A: In case the landlord refuses to return the deposit, it is possible to sue in small claims court for the return, triple the wrongfully withheld deposit if the landlord is a sizable landlord (10 or more units) or a management firm managed the rental property to get a charge. Moreover, you might sue for a decreased value of your lease for the time the residence was not repaired or uninhabitable.

Q: I have a renter breaking a lease 4 months to obtain a home. So what can the renter financially be held liable for?

I do not have 30-day notice in the lease. Can I hold him liable during the duration of his lease when the property is unable to be rented by the time he moves out?
Attorney Reply Paula J. Mcgill

A: You can sue for the balance of the lease, when there's not an early termination provision in the lease. When he turns in the keys he realizes that you are taking the keys to ensure the house, not as approval of his early conclusion, just make sure.

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